Sweyn Forkbeard

Sweyn Forkbeard (Old Norse: Sveinn Haraldsson tjúguskegg [ˈswɛinː ˈhɑrˌɑldsˌson ˈtjuːɣoˌskeɡː];[3] Danish: Svend Tveskæg; 17 April 963[1] – 3 February 1014) was King of Denmark from 986 to 1014, also at times King of the English and King of Norway. He was the father of King Harald II of Denmark, King Cnut the Great, and Queen Estrid Svendsdatter.[2]

Sweyn Forkbeard
Sweyn (Suanus rex) invading England in 1013 (detail of a 13th-century miniature) – Cambridge University Library
King of Denmark
PredecessorHarald Bluetooth
SuccessorHarald II
King of Norway
PredecessorHarald Bluetooth
SuccessorOlaf I
PredecessorOlaf I
SuccessorOlaf II
King of the English
PredecessorÆthelred the Unready
SuccessorÆthelred the Unready
Born17 April 963[1]
Died3 February 1014 (aged 50)
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
SpouseŚwiętosława / Sigrid / Gunhild
among others...
HouseHouse of Denmark
FatherKnut Danaást or Harald Bluetooth[2]
MotherTove or Gunhild[2]

In the mid-980s, Sweyn revolted against his father, Harald Bluetooth, and seized the throne. Harald was driven into exile and died shortly afterwards in November 986 or 987.[4] In 1000, with the allegiance of Trondejarl and Eric of Lade, Sweyn ruled most of Norway. In 1013, shortly before his death, he became the first Danish king of the English after a long effort.

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