Swiss Civil Code

The Swiss Civil Code (SR/RS 210, German: Schweizerisches Zivilgesetzbuch (ZGB); French: Code civil suisse (CC); Italian: Codice civile svizzero (CC); Romansh: Cudesch civil svizzer) is a portion of the second part (SR/RS 2) of the internal Swiss law ("Private law - Administration of civil justice - Enforcement") that regulates the codified law ruling in Switzerland and relationship between individuals. It was first adopted in 1907 (effective since 1 January 1912).[1][2][3]

Swiss Civil Code
The first edition of the Swiss Civil Code, around 1907.
Ratified10 December 1907
Date effective1 January 1912 (current version as of 1 April 2016)
LocationSR 210
Author(s)Eugen Huber, Virgile Rossel, Brenno Bertoni
PurposeRegulates relationship between individuals

It was largely influenced by the German civil code, and partly influenced by the French civil code, but the majority of comparative law scholars (such as K. Zweigert and Rodolfo Sacco) argue that the Swiss code derives from a distinct paradigm of civil law.[4][5][6]