Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom is the fourth main game in the Wing Commander science fiction space combat simulator video game series, produced by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts for the PC in 1996 and the Sony PlayStation in 1997 (the game was also released on the North American PlayStation Network Store in 2009).

Wing Commander IV
Developer(s)Origin Systems
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Director(s)Anthony Morone (game)
Chris Roberts (cutscenes)
Producer(s)Mark Day
Dallas Snell (game)
Designer(s)Ben Potter
Jeff Shelton
Scott Shelton
Programmer(s)Frank Roan
Artist(s)Jeffery Combs
Chris Douglas
Writer(s)Terry Borst
Frank De Palma
Composer(s)George Oldziey
Platform(s)DOS, Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation
ReleaseDOS, Windows, Mac OS
  • NA: February 12, 1996
  • EU: 1996
  • NA: May 14, 1997
  • EU: June 1997
Genre(s)Space combat sim
Mode(s)Single player

The first game set after the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War, Wing Commander IV depicts a galaxy in the midst of a chaotic transition, with human civilians, Kilrathi survivors and former soldiers on both sides attempting to restabilize their lives. A novelization, by William R. Forstchen and Ben Ohlander, was published on October 1, 1996.

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