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Overhaul / cleanup / exorcism

I noticed that this article consisted almost exclusively of material, generally promotional in nature, taken directly from the British Polling Council's own website. In fact, the substance of the very first iteration of the article, from way back in 2007, consisted entirely of such primary-source liftings; over time, the article more or less appears to have developed as a series of layers borrowed from

By no coincidence, the page also had templates citing the problems with lack of reliable sources, and lack of citations. These tags were placed on the article back in 2011.

Because these problems going back to the article's inception have never been addressed, I have removed the self-promotional material taken from Doing so eliminated the problems with lack of reliable sources and citations, and so the templates have been likewise removed. Ex0pos (talk) 06:49, 29 January 2016 (UTC)