Talk:Campaign for an Independent Britain


I'm making a few changes in the interests of accuracy. First a picky little one - I couldn't see the difference between "openly calls for Britain to leave the EU" and simply "calls for Britain to leave the EU", so I deleted the word "openly".

Going by info on the CIB's own website, the potted history of the group in the Wikipedia article was slightly inaccurate: rather than being the latest incarnation of the Anti-Common Market Campaign, the CIB is actually the result of a collaboration between that group and two or three others including the trade union-based Campaign Against Euro Federalism (CAEF). The various groups which formed CIB retain their separate identities, in some cases issue their own newsletters (which are archived on the CIB website) and have reserved seats on the CIB's management committee. I shall alter the text to rflect this. Twilde 18/7/05