Tape ball

A tape ball is a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape that is often used in informal games of cricket such as street cricket, also called tape ball cricket.a First pioneered in Karachi, Pakistan,[1][2] the tape ball acts as an improvised cricket ball with the tape stretched tightly over the fuzzy felt-like covering of a tennis ball to ensure a smooth surface that produces greater pace after bouncing.[3] Although most street games feature entirely covered varieties, tape balls may also be prepared such that only one side is taped to replicate reverse swing or, alternatively, they may have multiple layers of tape running down the middle to mimic the leather seam found on standard cricket balls.[4] Applying tape makes the ball heavier than a tennis ball, but not as hard or heavy as a cricket ball. As such, this modification seeks to reduce the risks to players, passers-by and property.[5]

A tape ball (created by wrapping a tennis ball in electrical tape)

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