Tarxien Temples

The Tarxien Temples (Maltese: It-Tempji ta' Ħal Tarxien, Maltese pronunciation: [tarˈʃɪːn]) are an archaeological complex in Tarxien, Malta. They date to approximately 3150 BC.[1] The site was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 along with the other Megalithic temples on the island of Malta.[2]

Tarxien Temples
Entrance to the Tarxien Temples
location in Malta
LocationTarxien, Malta
Coordinates35°52′9″N 14°30′43″E
Foundedc.3250 BCc.2800 BC
PeriodsTarxien phase
Site notes
Excavation dates1915, 1963
ArchaeologistsThemistocles Zammit
ConditionWell-preserved ruins
OwnershipGovernment of Malta
ManagementHeritage Malta
Public accessYes
WebsiteHeritage Malta
Part ofMegalithic Temples of Malta
CriteriaCultural: (iv)
Inscription1980 (4th Session)
Extensions1992, 2015
Area0.807 ha (86,900 sq ft)
Buffer zone11 ha (0.042 sq mi)

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