Technical Administration Building of Hoechst AG

The Technical Administration Building (German: Technisches Verwaltungsgebäude) of Hoechst AG is an expressionist office building by the architect Peter Behrens on the site of the former Hoechst company in Frankfurt-Höchst in the German state of Hesse. It is also referred to as the Peter Behrens Building (Peter-Behrens-Bau) by the operator of the Höchst Industrial Park, as the site of the former Hoechst works has been called since the merger of Hoechst AG and other companies and the subsequent abandonment of the traditional corporate name. The building had worldwide fame in a stylised form as part as the Hoechst company's tower and bridge (Turm und Brücke)[1] logo from 1947 to 1997.

View from the west to the Behrens building with bridge and tower
View from the east to the central office building (left) and the Behrens building with bridge and tower

The related complex of buildings listed below is divided into two three-story administrative wings and a representative entrance area with its distinctive tower and bridge, linked to the building of the former central office (Hauptcomptoir) of the Hoechst company. It is accessible only to the public on specific days, because it is located in the cordoned-off area of the industrial park. Because of its importance for industrial heritage, it is part of the Route of Industrial Heritage of the Rhine-Main (Route der Industriekultur Rhein-Main).

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