Technicolor Animation Productions

Technicolor Animation Productions[1] (formerly OuiDo! Productions) is the production arm of Technicolor's animation group.

Technicolor Animation Productions
TypeAnimation studio & production company
Privately Owned Company
IndustryFilm & television production
Founded2003 (as Timoon Animation)
2010 (as Genao Productions)
2012 (as OuiDo! Productions)
2015 (as Technicolor Animation Productions)
FounderPhilippe Mounier
Sandrine Nguyen
Boris Hertzog
Headquarters8/10 rue du Renard – 75004, Paris, France
Key people
Boris Hertzog (CEO & President)
Sandrine Nguyen (CEO & Executive Producer)
OwnerPMMP (2003–2007)
Lagardère Group (2007–2013)
Technicolor SA (2015–present)

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