Teddington, New Zealand

Teddington is a very small community on the Banks Peninsula at the head of Lyttelton Harbour. It sits on the junction of the road to Gebbies Pass and the road from Purau to Christchurch.

It dates back to the early settlers of Christchurch[1] but is now reduced to a pub and a restored working blacksmith's forge.[2]


An earthquake near Chile on 23 May 1960 caused a tsunami which crossed the Pacific to hit New Zealand. The tsunami was funnelled up Lyttleton Harbour and flooded low-lying farmland and the Wheatsheaf Tavern in Teddington. [3] A similar event occurred in 2010 following an earthquake in Chile with three waves that were greater than two metres high inundating the head of the harbour around Teddington.[4]

An earlier tsunami occurred in 1868 following an earthquake off the coast of Peru. This caused an eight foot high wave to be funnelled up Lyttleton Harbour towards Teddington.[5]


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