Telephone numbers in Belgium

A telephone number in Belgium is a sequence of nine or ten digits dialed on a telephone to make a call on the Belgian telephone network. Belgium is under a full number dialing plan, meaning that the full national number must be dialed for all calls, while it retains the trunk code, '0', for all national dialling.

Belgium telephone numbers
Typical format0x xxx xx xx / 0xx xx xx xx (geographic)
04xx xx xx xx (mobile)
Access codes
Country calling code+32
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

Exception: Some "special services" use 3 or 4 digits with no area or trunk codes: e.g.; 112 and 100 (fire brigade and ambulance); 101 (police); 1307 (info in French) or 1207 (info in Dutch), etc.

"112" is an emergency number for contacting the fire brigade, ambulance and police in all 27 countries of the European Union. Operators will help you in the native language, in English, or the language of any neighbouring country. Calls to this number for contacting the police are forwarded to "101", losing response time.

The telephone numbering plan allows for numbers have varying lengths (9 digits for landline numbers, and 10 digits for mobile numbers).

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