Telephone numbers in South Africa

South Africa switched to a closed numbering system effective 16 January 2007. At that time, it became mandatory to dial the full 10-digit telephone number, including the zero in the three-digit area code, for local calls (e.g., 011 must be dialed from within Johannesburg). Area codes within the system are generally organized geographically. All telephone numbers are 9 digits long (but always prefixed by 0 for calls within South Africa), except for certain Telkom special services. When dialed from another country, the "0" is omitted and replaced with the appropriate international access code and the country code +27.

South Africa telephone numbers
Location of South Africa (dark green)
CountrySouth Africa
RegulatorIndependent Communications Authority of South Africa
NSN length9
Typical format(AB) xxx-xxxx
Numbering planNumbering Plan Regulations
Last updatedMarch 24, 2016
Access codes
Country calling code+27
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

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