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Please note: this template goes on the talk page of the article, not the article itself. For the reasoning behind this, see Template talk:BLP unverified#Overview.

This template is to be used on the talk page of biographies of living persons containing uncited information. Before using this template, you should:

  1. Remove from the article any uncited information that is likely to be contentious
  2. Copy the "oldid" of the version with the contentious material removed
  3. Remove additional uncited information according to your discretion

When to use this template

Stubbing biographies or other articles on Wikipedia solely on the basis that they are incompletely sourced is controversial. Stubbing articles should ideally only be done in response to a complaint by the article's subject, such as an OTRS request. Attack pages should also be pruned down to a neutral stub, if possible although any non-neutral information should be removed outright, not archived via this template.

It is reasonable, however, to remove material that is plausible but which could not be verified after making a good faith effort to find reliable sources. Using this template gives editors with access to more complete references a chance to research and potentially restore such material, should they find sources for it.


After following the instructions above, place the template on the talk page of the article, with the oldid of the version containing unverified information.

{{BLP unverified|339312443}} produces:

Optionally, a "date" parameter can be used:

{{BLP unverified|339312443|date=July 2021}}

This template automatically adds the article to Category:Unverified BLPs, or one of its subcategories if a date parameter is included.


Once all sourceable information from the earlier version has been restored to the article with accompanying citations, this template should be removed.

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