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To group multiple banners, such as merge histories, into a box, and optionally collapse them into one banner to save vertical space.

Basic syntax

{{Banner holder |1=
  {{First banner}}
  {{Second banner}}
  {{Third banner}}

All parameters

{{Banner holder |collapsed=yes |text=Some text here |image=someicon.jpog |size=48 |1=
  {{First banner}}
  {{Second banner}}
  {{Third banner}}

The |1= at the end of the first line is not optional and must be included.

Optional parameters

  1. Adding |collapsed=yes will cause the outer table to be collapsed, hiding the banners. Adding |collapsed=no (the default) will cause the outer table not to be collapsed, showing the banners.
  2. Adding |text=some string... will cause the collapse bar title to be altered to some string. If left blank or not used, the default string is Other talkpage banners..
  3. Adding |image=file name (not including the 'Image:' or 'File' prefix) changes the puzzle piece to the specified image.
  4. Adding |size=number changes the size of the image icon to the number of pixels specified.
Some icons which might be useful as images:


This example shows a banner holder grouping multiple {{Copied}} and {{Translated page}} templates, with an altered image icon:

{{Banner holder |collapsed=yes |text=This page contains text [[WP:CWW|copied]] or [[WP:TFOLWP|translated]] from other articles |image=Merge-arrow-3.svg |size=36 |1=
  {{Copied |from=SRC |from_oldid=rev |to=DEST |to_diff=dest-rev |to_oldid=prev-rev |date=DATE}}
  {{translated page|de|ICE 1|version=45565777|insertversion=210289191}}}}
and generates:
          This page contains text copied or translated from other articles

Choosing banners to collapse

The choice of which banners to collapse is left up to editors' discretion. Some banners have dedicated collapse headers, such as:

See also

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