Template:Discrimination sidebar

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Collapsible lists

This template includes collapsible lists.

  • To set it to display all lists when it appears (i.e. all lists expanded), use:
  •  {{Discrimination sidebar |expanded=all}} or, if enabled, {{Discrimination sidebar |all}}  (i.e. omitting "expanded=").
  • To set it to display one particular list while keeping the remainder collapsed (i.e. hidden apart from their headings), use:
  •  {{Discrimination sidebar |expanded=listname}} or, if enabled, {{Discrimination sidebar |listname}}
  • …where listname is one of the following (do not include any quotemarks):
    • General
    • Social
    • Religious
    • Ethnic/national
    • Manifestations
    • Policies
    • Countermeasures
    • Related


This template can be added to articles whose single major topic area is discrimination. For very short articles or articles with more than one navigation template, the {{Discrimination}} navbox may be more suitable.

Tagged content

Since it is impracticable to add maintenance tags to the displayed template contents, any problematical material can be listed here with any relevant tag, details of any necessary action or a link to a relevant talk section, and removed once the problem has been resolved.

See also

See also the {{Anti-cultural sentiment}} and {{Religious persecution}} templates for ethnic or national and religious discrimination navboxes.