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This template may be used to mark articles that have counterparts in Polish Wikipedia that are better than in English Wikipedia. These articles may be improved by translating content from the original Polish.


To mark an article, tag it with

{{Expand Polish|Polish article title|date=August 2021}}

This template adds articles to the category Category:Articles needing translation from Polish Wikipedia. See #Categorization below.

The template should be placed atop the article page along with other maintenance templates.


The article title is required; all named parameters are optional:

  • |1=ARTICLE  title of the article on Polish Wikipedia. This is required.
  • |section=yes  changes notice to "This section may be expanded..." (default: 'article')
  • |fa=yes  used to tag articles that are featured articles in Polish; used in category name generation.
  • |topic=TOPIC  a topic code used in category name generation.
  • |date=August 2021  set by bot if omitted.

Topics and categorization

This template categorizes articles into categories. Basic categorization is into: ⟶ Category:Articles needing translation from Polish Wikipedia. Usage of parameters fa and topic define subcategories, as follows:

Topic codes are expanded into fuller descriptors in the category name; for example: code geo becomes Geography, and code gov becomes Government and politics.

Topics recognized by Expand Polish and the categories they are associated with include:

topic code topic name
and category
articles in
bio Biography 0
cult Culture 42
geo Geography 189
gov Government and politics (1 C) 8
hist History 0
mil Military 1
sci Science 1
sport Sports 24
struct Building and structure 0
  Main category (11 C) 1,172

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