Template:Not a ballot

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  • {{Not a ballot}} generate the standard text with "someone asked you to, or you read a message on another website"
  • {{Not a ballot|reason}} replace the text above with "reason"
    • {{Not a ballot|1=reason}} if your "reason" text contains a '=' (often external URLs)
  • <noinclude>{{Not a ballot|1=reason}}</noinclude> will show the template only on the current page, not log pages where multiple discussions are shown (WP:AfD, for example)

Note: Please insert this template underneath the heading/link to the article and/or the nomination. Placing the template above the heading makes it look as if the warning is associated with the previous discussion when displayed on the daily deletion discussion listings.

Please do not place this template preemptively. Participants of discussions are usually aware of how consensus is established and don't need a reminder. Only use this template when there is some indication that inexperienced editors were canvassed to this discussion.