This template includes collapsible lists.

  • To set it to display all lists when it appears (i.e. all lists expanded), use:
  •  {{War |expanded=all}} or, if enabled, {{War |all}}  (i.e. omitting "expanded=").
  • To set it to display one particular list while keeping the remainder collapsed (i.e. hidden apart from their headings), use:
  •  {{War |expanded=listname}} or, if enabled, {{War |listname}}
  • …where listname is one of the following (do not include any quotemarks):
  • eras, generations, battlespace, weapons, tactics, operational, strategy, grand strategy, organization, personnel, logistics, related, lists
  • For example, {{War |expanded=grand strategy}} or, if enabled, {{War |grand strategy}}

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This template takes one optional parameter to alter the spelling of words from American English to different national varieties of spelling. This allows the template to display the national variety of spelling used in the article that includes this template.

The template defaults to American English and at the moment there is only one other spelling option, which is British English.

The optional parameter's name is spelling. To alter the spelling in the template to British English use the following:


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