Ten-string classical guitar of Yepes

The ten string extended-range classical guitar, with fully chromatic, sympathetic string resonance was conceived in 1963[lower-alpha 1] by Narciso Yepes, and constructed by José Ramírez [III].[2] This instrument is sometimes referred to as the "modern" 10-string guitar[lower-alpha 2] (or the "Yepes guitar"[3]) to differentiate it from ten-stringed harp guitars of the 19th century.

Ten-string classical guitar of Yepes
String instrument
Classification string
Hornbostel–Sachs classification321.322-5
(composite chordophone sounded by the bare fingers)
Developed1963 by Narciso Yepes in collaboration with José Ramírez III from the classical guitar
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Ten-string guitar

Today, ten-string instruments to Ramírez' original design remain available from the Ramírez Company,[lower-alpha 3] and similar instruments in a variety of designs are available both from the Ramírez Company and other luthiers, notably from Paulino Bernabe Senior.