Tennis ball cricket

Tennis ball cricket (Softball Cricket) is a variant of cricket played using a tennis ball. It is popular in South Asian cricket-playing nations, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It is also played by South Asian expatriates living in Middle-Eastern countries such as the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and by emigrants in the United States, Poland and Canada. It is mainly played by youngsters as a tennis ball is easier to play with compared to a conventional hard cricket ball. It is also safer as the tennis ball is soft and less likely to cause injury. It is strongly believed that the variant of tennis (softball) cricket is originated from India.

Tennis ball cricket, played in Uttar Pradesh, India. Note the bright yellow tennis ball.

Tennis Cricket is becoming popular in European countries recently. In 2022, Poland experience a finer quality of amateur level of tennis cricket season. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, had 12 teams participating in back to back four different full-fledged tournaments. The Softball Cricket Club (SCC) in Poland has made immense progress in making the tennis cricket culture popular in Poland. Recently, the number of participants has doubled and likely to continue in near future. Indian Expat (Mr. Kumar - Head of Development - EUROPE (ITCF) in Poland is working to introduce and add Tennis Cricket as sports in Polish Schools.

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