The Grantville Gazettes

The Grantville Gazettes are anthologies of short stories set in the 1632 universe introduced in Eric Flint's novel 1632.[1][2]

Grantville Gazette
AuthorEric Flint
Series1632 series
GenreAlternate History, Anthology
PublisherBaen Books
Publication date
Semi-periodic, and Periodic (bi-monthly)
Various dates from
February 2003 and
from 2004
(in print as books)
Media typee-zine and ebook
Paperback and hardcover
PagesGrantville Gazette I,
361 pp (first edition)
Preceded byRing of Fire (anthology) 
Followed byGrantville Gazette II

The Gazettes started as an experiment: a professionally edited, officially sanctioned "fan magazine" published electronically. Initially released as serialized e-magazines, they were later published as e-books (taking a page from the Baen Books experience with E-ARCs—Electronic Advance Reader Copies, which had been instituted several years earlier.) Because the electronic sales were successful, Baen contracted with Flint for more issues, to be published 3-4 times per year (bimonthly, starting in 2007[3]). Each would form part of the canonical background for the other works (novels and anthologies) in the rapidly growing 1632 series.

As of mid-2012, e-magazines are published bimonthly, and six books have been published (five of those as both hardcover and mass market paperback) excerpted from the first 17 issues of the magazine. A seventh book is promised.[3][4]

Print publication

Starting in November 2004, the first Gazette was also released experimentally in a paper edition with issue I as a paperback. The second volume was released in hardcover in March 2006, this and subsequent titles use Roman Numerals for titles such as are listed below in the section List of Gazettes, as appear on the print publication covers.

Each print edition contains an additional story that was not published in any e-magazine. Starting with volume V, each print edition contains stories from several of the magazines, and not all magazine stories are published in the books. The List of Gazettes section below gives the publication dates and a rough guide to which magazines are collected into particular books.

Print title Publication date ISBN e-Vols covered Additional Flint story
Grantville Gazette I November 2004[5] 0-7434-8860-1 Whole issue 1 Portraits
Grantville Gazette II March 2006[6] 1-4165-2051-1 Whole issue 2 Steps In The Dance
Grantville Gazette III January 2007[7] 1-4165-0941-0 Whole issue 3 Postage Due
Grantville Gazette IV June 2008[8] 1-4165-5554-4 Whole issue 4 The Anatomy Lesson
Grantville Gazette V August 2009[9] 1-4391-3279-8 From issues 5–10 Steady Girl
Grantville Gazette VI January 2012[10] 1-4516-3853-1 From issues 11–19 The Masque
Grantville Gazette VII April 2015[11] 978-1476780290 From issues 20–30 An Aukward Situation
Grantville Gazette VIII June 2018[12] 978-1481483292 From issues 31–45 Descartes Before the Whores
Grantville Gazette IX July 2021[13] 978-1982125455 From issues 46–64 Nasty, Brutish and Short

Overall literary criticism and reception of the printed versions

Sales of the printed versions of the Grantville Gazette I[14][15] and Grantville Gazette II[16] were high enough to have these issues listed on the Locus (magazine) Bestsellers Lists with Volume I topping at number 9 in 2005 for Paperbacks and Volume II at 10 in 2006 for Hardcovers respectively.

Overall, most reviewers wrote favorable reviews[17][18] while only a small number were negative.[19] A reviewer for Booklist wrote that "Flint's 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians."[20]

Reception of printed volumes that do not have their own page yet

Grantville Gazette IV

The reviewer for Observe and See wrote that the printed version of the Grantville Gazette IV is "It is every bit as enjoyable as the other editions" and reviewed each story in this edition.[21] The reviewer for The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf wrote extensive individual reviews for each of the included stories.[22] The reviewer also noted that one of the stories from the Gazette was a part of the backstory of one of the novels that she had previously reviewed.

Grantville Gazette V

The reviewer for Booklist wrote that the printed edition of the Grantville Gazette V "add[s] dimensions to Flint's singular alternate-history creation."[23] The reviewer for The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf wrote individual reviews for each of the included stories.[24] Most were positive, however she did warn the reader that at least one story could be incomprehensible unless the reader have already read most of the books in the series.

Grantville Gazette VI

The reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review wrote that "all of the stories are well-written and peopled with fascinating characters."[25] The reviewer for the Library Journal also gave a positive review.[26]

Grantville Gazette VII

The reviewer for the SFRevu wrote that "The stories run quite a gamut. There are mysteries, action adventure, and little bit of rewritten history." Some of the stories are quirky and that "the characters have a sense of humor" while some of the other "stories aren't all humorous, they also deal with subjects related to inequality and opportunity. The reviewer also wrote that "Another really good part of the series, is the serious discussion of technology and how old technologies can be recreated until the equipment needed to build the modern technology is available." The reviewer also states that "The Gazette has been a pipeline for developing authors."[27] The reviewer for the Midwest Book Review wrote that the book "provides a lively set of vignettes and tales that juxtapose well with the primary books in the series and fill in many gaps with new stories and new information".[28]

The Ring of Fire Press

Many of the continuing serials have been republished as single volume collections by the publishers of the Gazette through their own Ring of Fire Press to make the material easier to access by its readers by not having its readers search through various Gazette back issues to access a previous episode of a particular serial.[29]

Short story awards

Starting in 2017, the Gazette began to offer an award for the best short story that was published during the previous calendar year as determined by its readers.[30]

Year Title Authors Issue
2016 The Winter Canvas: A Daniel Block Story[31] Meriah L. Crawford and Robert E. Waters 67
2017 The Long Road Home, Part 2[32] Nick Lorance 69
2018 Requiem For the Future[33] David Carrico 76
2019 Clique, Clique, Boom[34] Bjorn Hasseler 82

Jim Baen's Universe

Starting with magazine issue #19, another Baen magazine was merged into the Grantville Gazette. For the next ten issues, there was no change in the Gazettes beyond a dual title on the title page. In magazine issue #30, Eric Flint introduced the "Universe Annex" to the Grantville Gazette[35] featuring a story slot and columns from Jim Baen's Universe.

List of Gazettes

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