The Penguin Guide to Jazz

The Penguin Guide to Jazz is a reference work containing an encyclopedic directory of jazz recordings on CD which were (at the time of publication) currently available in Europe or the United States. The first nine editions were compiled by Richard Cook and Brian Morton, two chroniclers of jazz resident in the United Kingdom.

The Penguin Guide to Jazz
The cover of the 8th edition of the Penguin Guide to Jazz (2006), with a photograph of Philly Joe Jones by Francis Wolff, Nola Rehearsal Studio, NYC, 1959.
AuthorRichard Cook
Brian Morton
Original titleThe Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, LP and Cassette
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesPenguin Guide
PublisherPenguin Books
Publication date
24 September 1992 (1st Edition)
2010 (10th Edition)
Media typePaperback

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