Pretty Little Liars (franchise)

Pretty Little Liars is a multimedia franchise consisting of two book series, four television series and one web series. The initial novel of the same name was first published in 2006.[1]

Pretty Little Liars
Franchise logo
Created bySara Shepard
Original workPretty Little Liars (2006)
OwnerBooks: HarperCollins
Television: Warner Bros. Entertainment (Warner Bros. Discovery)
Print publications
Short storiesVarious short stories
Films and television
Television series
Web seriesPretty Dirty Secrets (2012)
Television special(s)
Soundtrack(s)Pretty Little Liars (2011)
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The first television series also entitled Pretty Little Liars began airing on ABC Family in June 2010; meanwhile, additional books continued to be published.[2] Pretty Dirty Secrets, a web series was released on ABC Family's website in the fall of 2012 alongside the third season of Pretty Little Liars.[3] The second series to make it to television, Ravenswood, aired on ABC Family from 2013 to 2014 and was cancelled after one season.[4] Pretty Little Liars later ended and aired its final episode in June 2017.

The first book of The Perfectionists was released in April 2014 and a second book in 2015. A television series for The Perfectionists was developed and later reworked into a spin-off and sequel of Pretty Little Liars with the title Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which became the third series in the franchise. It aired on Freeform from March to May 2019 and was cancelled after one season.[5]

In 2022, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the fourth series in the franchise premiered on HBO Max.

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