The Ruin (Ukrainian history)

The Ruin (Ukrainian: Руїна, romanized: Ruyína) is a historical term introduced by the Cossack chronicle writer Samiylo Velychko (1670–1728) for the political situation in Ukrainian history during the second half of the 17th century.

The Ruin
Date29 June 1659 - 16 May 1686

Eternal Peace Treaty

  • Partition of Ukraine between Poland–Lithuania, Russia and the Ottomans
    • Left-Bank Ukraine with Kiev and the territories of the Zaporizhia came under Russian control
    • Right-Bank Ukraine first came under Polish control and later partially under Ottoman control.
Right-bank Ukraine
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Ottoman Ukraine (from 1669)
Ottoman Empire (from 1669)
Cossack Hetmanate
 Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders

Right-Bank Hetmans:

Ottoman Hetmans:

Left-Bank Hetmans

The timeframe of the period varies among historians:

The period was characterised by continuous strife, civil war, and foreign intervention by neighbours of Ukraine. A Ukrainian saying of the time, "Від Богдана до Івана не було гетьмана" (From Bohdan to Ivan there was no hetman [in between]), accurately summarises the chaotic events of this period.