The Shamen

The Shamen (/ˈʃmɛn/ SHAY-men) were a Scottish electronic dance music band, formed in 1985 in Aberdeen. The founding members were Colin Angus, Derek McKenzie and Keith McKenzie. Peter Stephenson joined shortly after to take over on keyboards from Angus. Several other people were later in the band. Angus then teamed up with Will Sinnott, and together they found credibility as pioneers of rock/dance crossover. When Mr. C joined, the band moved on to international commercial success with "Ebeneezer Goode" and their 1992 Boss Drum album.

The Shamen
The Shamen performing in Oxford (1990)
Background information
OriginAberdeen, Scotland
Years active1985–1999
LabelsMoksha, One Little Indian Records, Epic
Past membersColin Angus
Bob Breeks
John Delafons
Gavin Knight
Plavka Lonich
Derek McKenzie
Keith McKenzie
Allison Morrison
Richard Sharpe
Will Sinnott (deceased)
Peter Stephenson
Richard West (Mr C)
Victoria Wilson-James

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