Third Sturgeon government

Nicola Sturgeon formed the third Sturgeon government following her Scottish National Party's victory in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election. Sturgeon was nominated by a vote of the 6th Scottish Parliament for appointment to the post of First Minister on 18 May 2021 and announced the formation of a new Scottish National Party minority government on 20 May.[1] On 31 August 2021, the SNP and Scottish Greens entered a power-sharing arrangement which resulted in the appointment of two Green MSPs as junior ministers in the government, delivery of a shared policy platform, and Green support for the government on votes of confidence and supply.[2][3]

Third Sturgeon government
9th Government of Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon's cabinet outside Bute House, 2021
Date formed20 May 2021
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
First MinisterNicola Sturgeon
First Minister's history2014–present
Deputy First MinisterJohn Swinney
No. of ministers27
Total no. of members27
Member parties
  •   Scottish National Party
  •   Scottish Greens (August 2021–present)
Status in legislatureMajority
cooperation and confidence and supply agreement between the SNP and the Greens
71 / 129(55%)
(August 2021–present)

64 / 129(50%)
(May–August 2021)

Opposition cabinetOpposition Parties
Opposition party (largest opposition party)
Opposition leaderDouglas Ross
Election(s)2021 general election
Legislature term(s)6th Scottish Parliament
PredecessorSecond Sturgeon government

Sturgeon is the first First Minister to form a third administration.