Three Pashas

The Three Pashas[1] also known as the Young Turk triumvirate[2][3] or CUP triumvirate[4] consisted of Mehmed Talaat Pasha (1874–1921), the Grand Vizier (prime minister) and Minister of the Interior; Ismail Enver Pasha (1881–1922), the Minister of War; and Ahmed Cemal Pasha (1872–1922), the Minister of the Navy, who effectively ruled the Ottoman Empire after the 1913 Ottoman coup. According to historian Hans-Lukas Kieser, Talat's power increased over time and eclipsed the others after 1913–1914.[5]

The Three Pashas, all members of the Committee of Union and Progress, were largely responsible for the Empire's entry into World War I in 1914 and also largely responsible for the death of over one million Armenians in the Armenian genocide. The Turkish public widely criticized the Three Pashas for causing the Ottoman Empire to enter WWI.[6] All three met violent deaths after the war - Talaat and Cemal were assassinated, while Enver died leading the Basmachi Revolt near Dushanbe, present-day Tajikistan.

After their deaths, Talaat and Enver's remains have been reburied at the Monument of Liberty in Istanbul and many of Turkey's streets have been renamed in their honour.[citation needed]