Timber rafting

Timber rafting is a method of transporting felled tree trunks by tying them together to make rafts, which are then drifted or pulled downriver, or across a lake or other body of water. It is arguably, after log driving, the second cheapest means of transporting felled timber. Both methods may be referred to as timber floating.

Timber raft by Frances Anne Hopkins, 1868.
Cookery on J.R. Booth's raft, circa 1880. The raftsmen cooked, ate and slept on these rafts as they floated down the river.
Raftsmen in Northern Finland in 1930's
Timber rafting on the Willamette River (May 1973).
Rafting to Vancouver, British Columbia (August 2006).
Logs rafted for towing in Alaska (October 2009).
Tug boat pushing a log raft near Vancouver (May 2012)