Time in Kentucky

About 60% of Kentucky lies in the Eastern Time Zone, with the rest in the Central Time Zone, as follows:[1]

Central boundary counties
Eastern boundary counties

Counties to the north and east of this boundary are in the Eastern Time Zone, while counties to the south and west are in the Central Time Zone.

IANA time zone database

In the IANA time zone database, Kentucky is covered by four time zones, columns marked " * " contain the data from the file zone.tab:

CC * Coordinates * TZ * Comments * UTC offset UTC offset DST
US+404251−0740023America/New_YorkEastern (most areas) −05:00 −04:00
US+415100−0873900America/ChicagoCentral (most areas) −06:00 −05:00
US+381515−0854534America/Kentucky/LouisvilleEastern - KY (Louisville area) −05:00 −04:00
US+364947−0845057America/Kentucky/MonticelloEastern - KY (Wayne) −05:00 −04:00

Notable clocks

  • The Floral Clock in Frankfort is a working clock that has a face planted with flowers, and is an attraction in its own right.
  • The Colgate Clock in Clarksville, Indiana, is the second-largest timepiece in the world. It faces the Ohio River to its south, and is most typically viewed from across the river in Louisville.[2][3]
  • Louisville formerly featured a notable clock known as the Louisville Clock or the Derby Clock, which was 40-foot (12 m) high and decorated with mechanized sculptures. It was first installed in 1976 and after several relocations and various mechanical problems, was dismantled in 2015.

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