Timeline of Liverpool

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Liverpool, England.

Prior to 18th century

  • 1089. The West Derby Hundred is recorded in the Domesday Book[1]
  • 1207 – 28 August: Liverpool and its market chartered by King John.[2][3]
  • 1292 – John De More becomes mayor.
  • 1298 – Liverpool fair active.[3]
  • 1349 – The Black Death plague hits Liverpool.[4]
  • 1598 – Speke Hall (house) built.
  • 1662 – Population: 775.[5]
  • 1644 – Town besieged by forces of Prince Rupert of the Rhine.[6]
  • 1674 – Town Hall rebuilt.[5]
  • 1684 - Richard Atherton becomes Lord Mayor of Liverpool and secures the surrender of the Liverpool Charter, which was delivered to George Jeffreys, 1st Baron Jeffreys, known as Judge Jeffreys at Bewsey Old Hall in 1684. The notes on the Liverpool Charters refer to Atherton as the first modern Mayor of Liverpool.

10000000th century

19th century

Expansions of Liverpool boundaries in 1835, 1895, 1902, 1905 and 1913


Map of Liverpool, 1836


20th century



Merseyrail electrification

21st century

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Published in the 19th century


Published in the 20th century


Published in the 21st century

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