Timeline of Sydney

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Sydney Cove, Port Jackson, 1792
  • 50,000–45,000 BP – Near Penrith, a far western suburb of Sydney, numerous Aboriginal stone tools were found in Cranebrook Terraces gravel sediments dating to this time period; at first when these results were new they were controversial. More recently in 1987 and 2003, dating of the same strata has revised and corroborated these dates.[1]
  • 30,000 BP – Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity occurred in and around the Sydney basin, as evidenced by an archaeological dig in Parramatta, in Western Sydney.[2][3] The finds show that the Aboriginal Australians in that region used charcoal, stone tools and possible ancient campfires.[4][5]
  • 21,100–17,800 BP – Stone artifact assemblages dating to this time period discovered in Shaws Creek (near Hawkesbury River) and in Blue Mountains. A rock shelter with flakes dating to this period discovered near Nepean River.[6]
  • 5,000–7000 BP – The Sydney rock engravings, a form of Australian Aboriginal rock art consisting of carefully drawn images of people, animals, or symbols, date to this time period.[7]
  • 4,000–2,000 BC – The first backed stone artifacts developed, such as blades and spears. The stones would drill, scrape, cut and grind material. They were also associated with woodworking.[8]
  • 1,000–500 BC – Bone and shell usage dating to this period discovered. They would've been attached to fishing spear prongs, which would mean that multi-pronged fishing spears occurred at this time. The evidence of spear-throwing is suggested by an excavated shell in Balmoral Beach.[9]

18th–19th centuries

Government House, 1819

20th century


King Street, circa 1900


Aerial view of Sydney, 1932
Martin Place in 1939, prior to pedestrianisation.


Sydney hosts the 2000 Summer Olympics.

21st century



A Sydney Metro train

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Published in the 20th century

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