Timeline of political parties in the United Kingdom

The following timeline of political parties in the United Kingdom shows the period during which various parties were active, from their date of establishment to their date of dissolution. Defunct parties are shown in green, and currently active parties are shown in pink. An asterisk or dagger indicates that the exact year of establishment or dissolution, respectively, is not certain. Where a party has changed its name over the course of its existence, only the most recent name is given.

Established before 1900

Scottish Workers' Representation CommitteeIndependent Labour PartyScottish Socialist FederationScottish Labour Party (UK, 1888)Socialist Union (UK)Liberal Unionist PartySocialist League (UK, 1885)Highland Land LeagueSocial Democratic FederationIrish Parliamentary PartyLiberal Party (UK)Conservative Party (UK)

Established between 1900 and 1924

Northern Ireland Labour PartyNational FascistiBritish FascistsNational Liberal Party (UK)Anti-Parliamentary Communist FederationCommunist Party (British Section of the Third International)Communist Party of South Wales and the West of EnglandCommunist Party of Great BritainNationalist Party (Northern Ireland)Workers Socialist FederationWomen's Party (UK)Co-operative PartyNational Socialist Party (UK)Unionist Party (Scotland)South Wales Socialist SocietyBritish Socialist PartyHighland Land LeagueAll-for-Ireland LeagueUlster Unionist PartyLabour Party (UK)Socialist Party of Great BritainSocialist Labour Party (UK, 1903)Liverpool Protestant PartyScottish Prohibition Party

Established between 1925 and 1949

Welsh Republican MovementUnion MovementCommon Wealth PartyBritish People's Party (1939)Revolutionary Socialist League (UK)National Socialist LeagueSocial Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern IrelandScottish National PartyScottish PartyBritish Union of FascistsNational Liberal Party (UK)Imperial Fascist LeagueNational Party of Scotland

Established between 1950 and 1974

Wessex Regionalist PartyUnionist Party of Northern IrelandWales Green PartyCampaign for Social DemocracyGreen Party (UK)Democratic LabourDemocratic Unionist PartySocial Democratic and Labour PartySinn FéinAlliance Party of Northern IrelandVectis National PartyRevolutionary Communist League of BritainPeople's DemocracyCommunist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)British MovementWorkers Party of ScotlandProtestant Unionist PartyAlliance for Workers' LibertySocial Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern IrelandRepublican Labour PartyInternational Marxist GroupGreater Britain MovementBritish National Party (1960)Workers' Revolutionary Party (UK)White Defence LeagueRevolutionary Socialist League (UK)Fife Socialist LeagueMebyon Kernow

Established between 1975 and 1999

Socialist Alliance (England)Legalise Cannabis AllianceChristian Peoples AllianceScottish Socialist PartyDemocratic Party (UK, 1998)Socialist Party (England and Wales)Referendum PartySocialist Party (Ireland)Socialist Labour Party (UK)Scottish Socialist AllianceNorthern Ireland Women's CoalitionDemocratic Labour Party (UK)UK Unionist PartyNational Democrats (UK)Independent Working Class AssociationThe Community Group (London Borough of Hounslow)United Kingdom Independence PartyNatural Law PartyCommunist Party of ScotlandCommunist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee)Third Way (UK)Social Democratic Party (UK, 1990)Scottish Green PartyGreen Party of England and WalesLiberal Party (UK, 1989)Islamic Party of BritainUlster Independence MovementSocial Democratic Party (UK, 1988)Liberal DemocratsCommunist Party of BritainOrkney and Shetland MovementInternational Socialist GroupCymru GochSocialist Equality Party (UK)Flag GroupLabour Party of Northern IrelandHumanist Party (UK)Green Party in Northern IrelandOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyScottish Republican Socialist PartyBritish National PartyUlster Democratic PartySocial Democratic Party (UK)Ulster Popular Unionist PartyRevolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)Progressive Unionist PartyFancy Dress PartyConstitutional MovementBritish Democratic PartySocialist Workers Party (Britain)New Communist Party of BritainNew Britain PartyIrish Independence PartyBritish First PartyNational Party (UK, 1976)United Ulster Unionist PartyBritish Ulster Dominion Party

Established since 2000

Women's Equality PartyPirate Party UKLlais GwyneddLibertarian Party (United Kingdom)Free England PartyScottish VoiceLeft AlternativeSolidarity (Scotland)Roman Party Ave!Popular Alliance (UK)Equal Parenting AllianceEast Kilbride AllianceBoston Bypass IndependentsSocialist Alliance (England)Publican PartyOne LondonNationalist AllianceDemocratic Socialist AllianceBritish People's Party (2005)Blaenau Gwent People's Voice GroupSenior Citizens PartyScottish Enterprise PartyRespect - The Unity CoalitionRed Party (UK)Peace and Progress PartyCommunist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)Christian Party (UK)The New Party (UK)Socialist Environmental AllianceScottish Senior Citizens Unity PartyJohn Marek Independent PartyIndependent Green VoiceIdle ToadForward WalesFishing Party (Scotland)England First PartyAlliance for Green SocialismEnglish Democrats PartyCommunity Action PartyUK Freedom PartyIndependent Kidderminster Hospital and Health ConcernCymru RyddCymru AnnibynnolCountryside Party (UK)Balchder Cymru

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