Timeline of women's suffrage in New Mexico

This is a timeline of women's suffrage in New Mexico. Women's suffrage in New Mexico first began with granting women the right to vote in school board elections and was codified into the New Mexico State Constitution, written in 1910. In 1912, New Mexico was a state, and suffragists there worked to support the adoption of a federal women's suffrage amendment to allow women equal suffrage. Even after white women earned the right to vote in 1920, many Native Americans were unable to vote in the state.



  • The Albuquerque Suffrage Club is organized to work for women's suffrage in the territory of New Mexico.[1]




  • The Woman's Club of Albuquerque celebrates Susan B. Anthony's 85th birthday.[2]


  • August: The Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in New Mexico holds the first public debate on women's suffrage in the state.[3][4]
  • November 21: Ratification of the New Mexico State Constitution. Originally, it included limited provisions for women voting, but this was eventually rejected.[1][5]


  • New Mexico becomes a state, but Native Americans are still not allowed to vote.[1] Women can only vote in school board elections.[6]







  • January: The New Mexican Republican Party sends Nina Otero-Warren the Republican Conference in Denver as their representative to the Republican Women's Committee.[13]
  • February 21: New Mexico is the 32nd state to ratify the 19th Amendment.[9]
  • March: The Woman's Party creates an all-female ticket.[14]
  • The New Mexico chapter of NAWSA disbands and creates the League.[15]





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