Tisza Dam

The Tisza Dam, also known as the Kisköre Dam is a gravity dam on the Tisza River near Kisköre in Heves county, Hungary. It is the tallest dam in the country and also creates the largest reservoir in the country, Lake Tisza. It is a multi-purpose dam its purpose includes flood control and recreation. With a ship lock, it provides for navigation. Additionally, it supports a 28 MW hydroelectric power station, the largest in the country. Construction on the dam began in 1968 and it along with the power station were completed in 1973.[1][2]

Tisza Dam
Location of Tisza Dam in Hungary
LocationKisköre, Heves county
Coordinates47°29′34.66″N 20°30′56.05″E
PurposeFlood control, power, navigation, recreation
Construction began1968
Opening date1973; 48 years ago (1973)
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsTisza River
Height26 m (85 ft)
CreatesLake Tisza
Total capacity228,600,000 m3 (185,300 acre⋅ft)
Surface area119 km2 (46 sq mi)
Operator(s)Tiszai Eromu Rt
Commission date1973
Turbines4 x 7 MW bulb
Installed capacity28 MW