Tobago House of Assembly

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is a unicameral autonomous legislative body responsible for the island of Tobago within the unitary state of Trinidad and Tobago. The THA was re-established in 1980[1] to rectify some of the disparities in the relationship between the two islands, though a prior body using the same name existed from 1768 to 1874.[2] In addition to the normal local government functions the THA handles many of the responsibilities of the central government, but has limited ability to collect taxes and impose local law or zoning regulations. At the helm of the Assembly Legislature is the Presiding Officer with the twelve elected assemblymen, and four appointed councillors. Three of the councillors are appointed on the advice on the Chief Secretary and one on the advice of the Minority Leader. The Chief Secretary is the leader of the majority party in the assembly and is at the helm of the Executive arm of the THA.[3]

Tobago House of Assembly
Eleventh Assembly
Seal of the Tobago House of Assembly
Flag of the Tobago House of Assembly
since 28 January 2021
Ancil Dennis, PNM
since 6 May 2020
Political groups
Caretaker government (6)
  PNM (6)
Opposition (6)
  PDP (6)
Last election
25 January 2021
Next election
2025 or earlier
Meeting place
Assembly Legislative Chambers, Jermingham Street, Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

The current Chief Secretary of Tobago is Ancil Dennis of the People's National Movement, the youngest Chief Secretary in history, in office since May 6, 2020.

As of 20 April 2021, there are only four female assembly members, or 33.3%.