Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice Award

The Toronto International Film Festival Grolsch People's Choice Award is an annual film award, presented by the Toronto International Film Festival to the film rated as the year's most popular film with festival audiences.[1] The award's current corporate sponsor is Grolsch;[2] past sponsors of the award have included Cadillac.[3]

The winners of this award have often later earned Academy Award nominations, to the point that the award is now considered to be effectively the "starting gun" of the Academy Award nominations race.[4]

In 2009, the festival introduced separate People's Choice Awards for Documentaries and Midnight Madness.[5] In 2015, it also introduced a People's Choice Award for its satellite Canada's Top Ten festival,[6] which was discontinued after 2018 due to TIFF's decision to switch the Canada's Top Ten program from a dedicated festival to a series of week-long theatrical screenings.

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