Torpids is one of two series of bumping races, a type of rowing race, held yearly at Oxford University; the other is Eights Week.[2] Over 130 men's and women's crews race for their colleges in six men's divisions and five women's; almost 1,200 participants in total. The racing takes place on the Isis (part of the River Thames), usually in the 7th week of Hilary Term on four successive days from Wednesday to Saturday (around the start of March).

Head of the River
Oriel Men[1] Wadham Women[1]
Highest 2nd Torpid (Men) Pembroke (Division III)[1]
Highest 2nd Torpid (Women) Wolfson (Division II)[1]
Course Isis (upstream)
Course length c. 1800m
Current sponsor Neptune Investment Management
Note: Last Torpids 27th February – 2nd March 2019[1]
OURCs - Torpids

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