Government Legal Department

The Government Legal Department (previously called the Treasury Solicitor's Department) is the largest in-house legal organisation in the United Kingdom's Government Legal Service.

Government Legal Department
Welsh: Adran Gyfreithiwr y Trysorlys
Non-ministerial government department overview
Formed1876 (1876)
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Headquarters102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9GL
Annual budget£114.7 million (2009-2010) [1]
Ministers responsible
Non-ministerial government department executive

The Department is headed by the Treasury Solicitor. This office goes back several centuries. The office was enshrined in law by the Treasury Solicitor Act 1876, which established the Treasury Solicitor as a corporation sole (an office with perpetual succession).[3] Employees of the department exercise legal powers which are vested in the corporation sole.

The department is a non-ministerial government department and executive agency.[4] The Treasury Solicitor reports to the Attorney General for England and Wales. The department employs more than 1,900 solicitors and barristers to provide advice and legal representation on a huge range of issues to many government departments.