Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1768)

The Treaty of Fort Stanwix was a treaty signed between representatives from the Iroquois and Great Britain (accompanied by negotiators from New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania) in 1768 at Fort Stanwix. It was negotiated between Sir William Johnson, his deputy George Croghan, and representatives of the Iroquois.[1]

Treaty of Fort Stanwix
A portion of the 1768 Fort Stanwix Treaty line, showing the boundary in New York
TypeLand boundaries
Signed5 November 1768
Locationnear modern-day Rome, New York
SignatoriesSir William Johnson
Parties Great Britain

The treaty established a Line of Property following the Ohio River that ceded the Kentucky portion of the Virginia Colony to the British Crown, as well as most of what is now West Virginia. The treaty also settled land claims between the Iroquois and the Penn family; the lands thereby acquired by American colonists in Pennsylvania were known as the New Purchase.

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