Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) was a United Nations trust territory in Micronesia administered by the United States from 1947 to 1994.

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Location of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands in the Pacific
StatusUnited Nations Trust Territory under the administration of the United States
Common languagesEnglish (official)
Micronesian languages
GovernmentTrust Territory
Chief of State 
 1947–1953 (first)
Harry S. Truman
 1993–1994 (last)
Bill Clintona
High Commissioner 
 1947–1948 (first)
Louis E. Denfeld
 1981–1987 (last)
Janet J. McCoyb
Historical eraCold War
July 18, 1947
 Termination of administration (Marshall Islands)
October 21, 1986
 Termination of administration (Micronesia)
November 3, 1986
 Free Association and De jure independence of Palau
October 1, 1994
19801,779 km2 (687 sq mi)
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
South Seas Mandate
Marshall Islands
Federated States of Micronesia
Northern Mariana Islands
  1. Clinton was President when Palau's Compact of Free Association took effect. Ronald Reagan was President when the RMI, FSM, and CNMI's final status took effect.
  2. McCoy retired as High Commissioner in 1987. As Palau was still a part of the TTPI, it was administered by officials in the Office of Territorial and International Affairs until 1994.
Map of the TTPI from 1961