Tumult of Aranjuez

The Tumult of Aranjuez (Spanish: Motín de Aranjuez) was an uprising led against King Charles IV that took place in the town of Aranjuez, Spain, on 17–19 March 1808. The event, which is celebrated annually in the first week of September, commemorates the fall of the monarch and the subsequent accession of his son Ferdinand VII.[1] It is celebrated in September rather than in March as the revived celebrations in Aranjuez that began in 1988 were added on top of pre-existing September festivals.[2]

Mutiny of Aranjuez
Part of the prelude to the Peninsular War

Fall and Imprisonment of the Prince of Peace, Manuel Godoy
Date17–19 March 1808
Location40°02′00″N 3°36′10″W

Mutineer victory

Spain Supporters of Godoy Spain Mutineers, citizens, supporters of Ferdinand
Commanders and leaders
Manuel de Godoy  Surrendered
Tumult of Aranjuez is located in Community of Madrid
Tumult of Aranjuez
Location within Community of Madrid
Tumult of Aranjuez is located in Spain
Tumult of Aranjuez
Tumult of Aranjuez (Spain)

The revolt was instigated by disgruntled citizens and by Ferdinand's supporters.[3]

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