Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt

The Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt (notated Dynasty XXVIII, alternatively 28th Dynasty or Dynasty 28) is usually classified as the third dynasty of the Ancient Egyptian Late Period. The 28th Dynasty lasted from 404 BC to 398 BC and it includes only one Pharaoh, Amyrtaeus (Amenirdis), also known as Psamtik V or Psammetichus V. Amyrtaeus was probably the grandson of the Amyrtaeus of Sais, who carried on a rebellion in 465–463 BC with the Egyptian chief, Inarus (himself a grandson of Psamtik III), against the satrap Achaemenes of Achaemenid Egypt.

Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt
404 BC–398 BC
Common languagesEgyptian language
Ancient Egyptian Religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Historical eraClassical antiquity
404 BC
 Deposition of Amyrtaeus
398 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt
Twenty-ninth Dynasty of Egypt