Uganda People's Defence Force

The Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF), previously known as the National Resistance Army, is the armed forces of Uganda. From 2007 to 2011, the International Institute for Strategic Studies estimated the UPDF had a total strength of 40,000–45,000 and consisted of land forces and an air wing.[6] Recruitment to the forces is done annually.[7]

Uganda People's Defence Force
Uganda People's Defence Force emblem
Current form1995
Service branches Ugandan Land Forces
 Ugandan Air Force
Special Operations Command[1]
HeadquartersKampala, Uganda
Commander-in-ChiefYoweri Museveni
Minister of Defense and Veteran AffairsVincent Ssempijja[2]
Chief of Defence ForcesGen. Wilson Mbadi
Military age18 years of age
Active personnel46,800 (2014)[3]
BudgetUSD: 933.6 million (2015)[4]
Percent of GDP1.2% (2015)[5]
Domestic suppliersNational Enterprise Corporation
Foreign suppliersRussia
United States
South Africa
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After Uganda achieved independence in October 1962, British officers retained most high-level military commands.[8] Ugandans in the rank and file claimed this policy blocked promotions and kept their salaries disproportionately low. These complaints eventually destabilized the armed forces, already weakened by ethnic divisions.[8] Each post-independence regime expanded the size of the army, usually by recruiting from among people of one region or ethnic group, and each government employed military force to subdue political unrest.[8]