Ukrainian Association of Football

The Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF) (Ukrainian: Українська асоціяція футболу, romanized: Ukrayins'ka Asotsiyatsiya Futbolu) is the governing body of football in Ukraine. Before 2019 it was known as the Football Federation of Ukraine, FFU (Ukrainian: Федерація Футболу України, romanized: Federatsiya Futbolu Ukrayiny). As a subject of the International Olympic Movement, UAF is a member of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.[1] UAF is also member of international football organizations such as UEFA and FIFA.

Ukrainian Association of Football
Founded6 March 1991; 31 years ago (1991-03-06)
FIFA affiliation1992
UEFA affiliation1992
PresidentAndriy Pavelko

Ukrainian Association of Football governs all sport events and organizations associated with the game of football including irregular competitions of beach football, mini-football, street football and others. Its main features include football competitions including the Ukrainian Professional League, the Ukrainian Cup, the Amatory, the competitions among the youth (under-18), and also the Ukraine national football team. It also sets the regulations to the Premier League and the Professional Football League.

It is headquartered in the national capital, Kyiv near the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex at the House of Football.

The organization was established in 1991. Between 1932-1991 with the Football Federation of the Soviet Union there existed its direct predecessor, Football Federation of Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR). The Soviet federation of Ukraine also conducted own championship, cup competitions, competitions among amateur teams (collectives of physical culture), as well as had own national team which participated exclusively in Soviet competitions such as the Spartakiad of Peoples of the USSR.

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