Ukrainian Football Amateur Association

The Association of Amateur Football of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Асоціація аматорського футболу України, AAFU) is a sports organization that administers national competitions of association football among amateur and children teams. AAFU is a collective member of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

Association of Amateur Football of Ukraine
Асоціація аматорського футболу України
PredecessorUAF (FFU) committee of amateur football
Formation2 March 1998; 24 years ago (1998-03-02)
FounderUkrainian Association of Football (Football Federation of Ukraine)
Founded atKyiv, Ukraine
Typesports organization (association football)
Legal statusnational
PurposeOrganization of amateur football competitions
HeadquartersFFU House of Football
  • Laboratornyi provulok 7a, Kyiv, Ukraine
Official language
Head of AAFU
Oleksandr Kadenko
Deputy head
Myron Chernetskyi
Deputy head
Andriy Biba
Deputy head
Taras Klym
Executive Committee
Main organ
Conference (once in four years)
AffiliationsUkrainian Association of Football

It was established 2 March 1998 and under the association agreement between the Football Federation of Ukraine and the Association, it is authorized to organize the All-Ukrainian National Football Championship and Cup tournaments amongst amateur football teams. The football championship is considered the fourth level of national competition and is the premier competitions for amateur clubs (professionally non-licensed). Current head (formerly presidential post) of the AAFU is Oleksandr Kadenko.

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