Ukrainian Second League

The Ukrainian Second League (Ukrainian: Друга ліга, Druha Liha) is a professional football league in Ukraine which is part of the Professional Football League of Ukraine, a collective member of the Ukrainian Association of Football. As the third tier it was established in 1992 as the Transitional League and changed its name the next season.

Ukrainian Second League
Founded1992 (as Transitional League)
Country Ukraine
Number of teams26
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toUkrainian First League
Relegation toNone (2007–2016)[note 1]
Amateurs (1995–present)
Ukrainian Third League (1992–1994)
Domestic cup(s)Ukrainian Cup
Second League Cup (defunct)
League Cup (defunct)
Current championsPodillia / Metal
Most championships3 titles
FC Desna Chernihiv
Top goalscorerOleksandr Kozhemyachenko (3 times) 2010–11, 2004–05, 2005–06
WebsiteOfficial site
Current: 2021–22 Ukrainian Second League

The league is lower than the Ukrainian First League (Persha Liha) and the lowest level of professional football competitions in the country. Since 1996 the league, after being merged with its lower tier (in 1992–1995 there was the Third League), consists of two main regions roughly north-west and south-east. The league's relegated teams lose their professional status and return to their regional associations.