Ulric Manfred II of Turin

Ulric Manfred II (Italian: Olderico Manfredi II; 975 x 992 – 29 October 1033 or 1034) or Manfred Ulric (Manfredo Udalrico) was the count of Turin and marquis of Susa in the early 11th century. He was the last male margrave from the Arduinid dynasty. Ulric Manfred's daughter, Adelaide, inherited the majority of his property. Through marriage to Adelaide (c. 1045), Otto of Savoy, a younger son of Count Humbert I of Savoy became margrave of Turin. Their descendants would later comprise the House of Savoy who ruled Sardinia and Italy.

Ulric Manfred II of Turin
Noble familyArduinici
Spouse(s)Bertha of Milan
FatherManfred I of Turin
MotherPrangarda of Canossa

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