UnHerd is a digital magazine of ideas, culture and opinion.

Type of site
Available inEnglish
Founded21 July 2017
EditorSally Chatterton[1]
Key peopleFreddie Sayers
Current statusActive


The website is edited by former Daily Telegraph and Independent journalist Sally Chatterton[2][3] following Tim Montgomerie's departure in March 2018.[4][5] Freddie Sayers joined the magazine in 2019 as executive editor, having previously been editor-in-chief of YouGov and founder of the British news and current affairs website Politics Home. As of January 2021 the website has 14 full-time editorial and production staff.[6]

The site's columnists include Giles Fraser, Ed West, Tanya Gold, John Gray, James Bloodworth, Matthew Goodwin, Maurice Glasman, Julie Bindel, Michael Tracey and Douglas Murray.[7]


In March 2020 UnHerd launched Lockdown TV, which is hosted by the magazine’s executive editor, Freddie Sayers.

Sayers has interviewed academics,[8] authors, politicians[9] and activists[10] on the channel which has had over 11 million views and 123,000 subscribers as of March 2021.[11]

Operating model

The website exists without a paywall: its operating budget derives from an endowment by former Liberal Democrat donor and businessman Sir Paul Marshall.[12][13] The site intends to switch to a subscription-based model later in 2020.[14][13] In early March 2021, UnHerd launched a membership subscription allowing access to exclusive online events.


Ian Burrell wrote in i that UnHerd's "mission is to stand aside from the rest of the news pack and 'to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking'". The science writer Tom Chivers's pieces, some of the most popular on the site, weigh data without necessarily coming to conclusions.[13]

David Herman of TheArticle suggested that UnHerd, along with his own publication and two other online magazines, could pose a threat to traditional journalism.[15]


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