Union Dissolution Day

The Union Dissolution Day, observed in Norway on 7 June (though not a public holiday),[1] is marked in remembrance of the Norwegian parliament's 1905 declaration of dissolution of the union with Sweden, a personal union which had existed since 1814. The day is celebrated in Norway as the Independence Day and is an official flag flying day, and is observed with ordinary salute at Akershus Fortress.[2] The Independence Day, however, has few traditions of celebration beyond that.

Union Dissolution Day
Observed byNorway
Significance7 June is Norway's Independence Day
CelebrationsFlag flying day in Norway
Date7 June
Next time7 June 2023 (2023-06-07)
Related to1905 Dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden
The Norwegian royal family
1945 Liberation Day (8 May)
1814 Norwegian Constitution
Norwegian Constitution Day (annual: 17 May)

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