United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is an American spacecraft launch service provider that manufactures and operates a number of rocket vehicles that are capable of launching spacecraft into orbits around Earth and to other bodies in the Solar System. The company, which is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin Space and Boeing Defense, Space & Security, was formed in December 2006. Launch customers of the United Launch Alliance include the Department of Defense (DoD), NASA, and other organizations.[3]

United Launch Alliance
TypeJoint venture
FoundedDecember 1, 2006; 15 years ago (2006-12-01)
HeadquartersCentennial, Colorado, United States
Key people
Tory Bruno (CEO)
ServicesSpace launch provider
Revenue1,320,000,000 United States dollar (2018) 
Number of employees
2500 (2018) [1]
3600 (2014)
3900 (2009)
4200 (2008) [2]
ParentLockheed Martin Space (50%)
Boeing Defense, Space & Security (50%)

ULA provides launch services using expendable launch systems Delta IV Heavy and Atlas V, and until 2018 the medium-lift Delta II. The Atlas, Delta IV Heavy and the recently retired Delta IV launch systems have launched payloads including weather, telecommunications, and national security satellites, scientific probes and orbiters. ULA also launches commercial satellites.[4]

As of 2020, the company is developing the Vulcan Centaur, a successor to the Atlas V that includes some Delta IV technology.[5][6] The maiden flight is planned to take place in 2022, launching Astrobotic Technology's Peregrine lunar lander.[7][8] [9][10]

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